It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and out of nowhere here comes the cows. No their not mean like bulls, crazy like goats, or dangerous like horses. They often won't hurt you in some capacity. But they might poop on your beautiful grass you'll been working on for the past three years.

Ok, let's get serious. Everyone says you should watch the company you keep and I totally agree. You see sometimes the closes people to us can often be cows in our life. Although they won't hurt us physically, they might not propel us to the next level. They might just hang out as most cows do and poop right on your dreams, goals, and ambitions AKA your grass. No, their not mean, crazy, or unsupportive. They just might not be on the same mental journey your on. So don't get mad at the cows for hanging out because that's what they do. Just focus your energy on rounding up your dreams and building a fence around your perimeter, AKA your mind for short. Much Love and Respect.


Devon Holley

Get There



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