Step One

Morning Conquerors,

Step one in life: Find your purpose and make it unique to yourself. Everyone will pull at your emotions to take you away from the journey. No, their not haters nor are they negative. Human nature requires us to connect to each other. One of the bases of connections is emotions.

So when you feel yourself becoming angry at them because they don't understand how important your journey is to you, take a step back and listen for a second. After listening to them, refocus your energy towards your vision god bless you with or the universe depending on your faith.

Always remember, everyone has a purpose, it's up to you whether you wanna act upon that journey or not. DON'T TAKE YOUR PURPOSE TO THE GRAVE BECAUSE THATS ALREADY CROWED WITH GREAT IDEAS. CONQUER THEM WHILE YOUR HERE.

Conquer The Day With Passion and Greatness.


Devon Holley

Get There Then Conquer 

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